Cait Nishimura Music · ALPINE MEADOW - Cait Nishimura

  • Concert Band Grade 2.5
  • Duration: ~3 minutes
  • Commissioned and premiered by Chinook's Edge School Division for the 2020 CESD Senior Honour Band
  • Recorded remotely by about 20 of my friends, with audio production by Christian Amonson and Arts Laureate

Alpine Meadow was written during a self-directed, technology-free composing retreat in a cabin near Ashland, Oregon. I had recently visited Yosemite National Park for the first time, and was particularly inspired by the scenic drive on Tioga Road; this mountain pass is the highest in elevation in California (reaching almost 10,000 feet), and winds through the Sierra Nevada mountains overlooking the valleys and meadows below. Standing at the highest point of the road, I felt the cool breeze pass by me and then make its way through the grasses and trees below. The music in Alpine Meadow is intended to represent the quiet intensity of this remote and beautiful place. 

Now available as a 5-part flexible version