Cait Nishimura Music · ORIGIN - Cait Nishimura (midi audio)
  • Fanfare for brass & percussion | also available for grade 4 concert band
  • Duration: 2 minutes
  • Commissioned by Dr. Jeff Reynolds for the University of Toronto Wind Ensemble
  • Band perusal score | brass perusal score

ORIGIN was commissioned by Dr. Jeff Reynolds for the University of Toronto Wind Ensemble. As an alumna of the school and a former student of Dr. Reynolds, it was an honour to compose this short fanfare to open the 2022-23 concert season at UofT. Origin is an uplifting, empowering piece that evokes the feeling of returning home to a significant place in one’s journey, reflecting on all that has changed and all that has remained. I have come to cherish the magical full-circle experiences that occur when my music is performed in spaces that were meaningful or inspiring to me as a young musician. This piece is an ode to all the people and places that leave a lasting impact on the lives of others.