INTO THE BLUE (4-part)

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Into the Blue is an uplifting, exciting, short piece that was inspired by the experience of flying above the clouds and into the clear, cloudless, blue sky. Repeated ostinatos represent a constant energy and forward motion, while memorable melodic fragments depict the feeling of soaring through the sky toward a new destination.

Originally composed for concert band in 2018, this piece was commissioned by the Ingersoll District C.I. Grade 9 Band, under the direction of Margot Northcott. Into the Blue was the winner of the 2019 Women’s Band Composition Contest led by Dr. Shannon Shaker. 

Duration: 1.5 minutes
Difficulty: concert band grade 2

In response to the immediate need for adaptable music, I have created a new version of this piece for flexible ensemble. This arrangement consists of four interchangeable parts, plus optional piano and percussion. The score is presented in concert pitch, and parts 1-4 are available in the following transpositions:

  • C treble clef
  • C bass clef
  • B-flat treble clef
  • E-flat treble clef
  • F treble clef

Although the parts are loosely structured around SATB voicing, all parts may be played by any pitched instrument. I encourage ensembles to experiment with various combinations!

The piano part is optional, but adds a harmonic and rhythmic foundation that can be helpful especially in smaller ensembles and unconventional configurations. A chordal analysis is provided in case a guitarist or other rhythm section player is involved. 

The glockenspiel part can be doubled or substituted by any other mallet percussion instrument. The snare drum part was intended for traditional snare, but could be doubled or substituted by other percussion instruments as needed.

Cait Nishimura Music · INTO THE BLUE (4-part flexible)
Cait Nishimura Music · INTO THE BLUE - Cait Nishimura x Baldwin Wallace Symphonic Band