Athabasca was written at the shores of the Athabasca River in Jasper, Alberta, Canada. It was late March, and the snow was just starting to melt enough to reveal the fast-moving river beneath the ice. I spent the day hiking trails along the river, and did not encounter another person the entire time; the text in this piece was inspired by this sense of solitude. The flowing, graceful style of both the vocal and piano parts imitates the motion of the river. 


Still is the air all around me, easy to breathe in.
I wish I could stay,
make this my home,
just me alone.

Still, the moutains stand
all dressed in white.
I hold on tight
to the feeling of being here beneath the trees,
the evergreens.

Still, the river flows
gently below the ice and snow. I wish the river
would sweep me away
to never be seen again.