Cait Nishimura Music · BENEATH THE CANOPY - Cait Nishimura x SD Intercollegiate Honor Band

I’ve always cherished any time spent in the forest. While the mighty and majestic treetops are what I’m drawn to first, I’ve come to enjoy observing and investigating the environment that exists beneath the canopy. It is here where many birds, animals, and insects make their homes; where mushrooms and mosses magically appear; and where visitors to the forest leave footprints on trails.

Beneath the Canopy is a hopeful, uplifting, and energetic piece for concert band that is meant to evoke a walk through the woods. The layers of melodies and harmonies throughout the piece represent the various levels of the forest, from the ground to the understory and up to the canopy. The colours and textures within the ensemble depict the flora, fauna, and funga of the forest.


At Cait Nishimura Music we care about protecting the planet we call home. Five dollars from each purchase of this piece is donated to Tree Canada (each copy sold represents one tree seedling planted!) Thank you for helping us support this important work. For more information, visit