where the rivers meet

Cait Nishimura Music · where the rivers meet - Cait Nishimura x Laura Campbell
  • Flute* ensemble (4 parts)
  • Duration: 3:30
  • Commissioned by the Lisgar C.I. Flute Ensemble led by Lani Sommers
  • Composed in 2021
  • Recording by Laura Campbell

 *This piece is also available for clarinet ensemble! 

Where the rivers meet is a short work for four-part flute ensemble. The music depicts a place where two rivers connect and join together, combining the waters of each. The water is always in motion– dancing and weaving around the curves of the river bed, and reflecting colours and light as it moves. As each river flows, it carries with it the history of all living things that interact with it; and when the rivers meet, all of these stories flow into each other to create a body of water even more beautiful and powerful. 

This piece was commissioned by the Lisgar Collegiate Institute Flute Ensemble (Ottawa, Canada), directed by Lani Sommers. The ideas for this music were generated in collaboration with the students of this ensemble, which met virtually as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic. The school itself is situated along one of the major rivers in the area, so the students suggested that I explore the symbolism in water and how it could represent their experiences. 

This project was made possible thanks to support from the Ottawa Flute Association and the Ronald Duck Memorial Scholarships from the Ottawa Kiwanis Music Festival. We aimed to provide a meaningful creative experience for the student community during a difficult time in which no live music making could take place. It is my hope that this work will continue to remind others of the power of music, the resilience of young people, and the importance of arts education. 

Cait Nishimura Music cares about protecting the planet we call home, including its beautiful waters. One dollar from every purchase of this piece will be donated to the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Read more about their work at https://natureconservancy.ca/ 

Please let me know about any upcoming performances and/or recordings that include this work! Thank you for bringing it to life.