• Concert Band B200 / Grade 2
  • Duration: 1.5 minutes
  • Commissioned by the Ingersoll District C.I. Grade 9 Band, directed by Margot Northcott, May 2018
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  • *Now available for 4-part flexible ensemble!

Into the Blue is an uplifting, exciting, short piece for concert band that was inspired by the experience of flying above the clouds and into the clear, cloudless, blue sky. Repeated ostinatos represent a constant energy and forward motion, while memorable melodic fragments depict the feeling of soaring through the sky toward a new destination.

This work was commissioned by the Ingersoll District C.I. Grade 9 Band, under the direction of Margot Northcott, in the spring of 2018. The key signature and melodic content of the first theme (letter A) were based on the musical spelling of the school's mascot, "Ace".