• Winner of the 2017 Canadian Band Association Composition Competition
  • Included on the MusicFest Canada concert band syllabus and the University of Toronto Wind Conducting Symposium repertoire list
  • Concert Band B300 / Grade 3
  • Duration: 3 minutes
  • View perusal score

Chasing Sunlight was inspired by the experience of driving west into the setting sun, as if trying to keep up with the earth's rotation to catch the last few rays of light before dusk. The steady eighth note motif throughout the piece represents this sense of urgency, while the soaring, lyrical themes depict the warmth and radiance of the sun low in the sky.

Just as the sun will always set, humans must accept the impermanence of all things in life, and make the most of every opportunity before it has passed. Chasing Sunlight also represents the ongoing pursuit of these opportunities.

Chasing Sunlight was the winner of the 2017 Canadian Band Association Composition Competition, which supports the creation of new works for concert band by emerging Canadian composers. Many thanks to the following groups and their directors for their support of the 2017 Canadian Band Association Composition Competition:

  • Brandon University (Wendy McCallum)
  • Festival City Winds Music Society (Wendy Grasdahl)
  • Sackville Community Concert Bands (Jim Forde)
  • University of British Columbia (Robert Taylor)
  • Second Chance Community Band of Nova Scotia (Chris Ward)
  • Westgate Mennonite Collegiate (Ross Brownlee)
  • Halifax All-City Music (Nathan Beeler)
  • Vincent Massey Collegiate (MatthewAbraham)
  • Music Mentors International (Kevin Willms)
  • St. John's Ravenscourt School (Robert Payne)
  • Belmont Secondary School (Mandart Chan)
  • Prairie Spirit School Division (Will Martin)
  • 306 Maple Leaf Wing Concert Band (Brent Besner)
  • Rosemount High School (Debbie Best)
  • McGill University (Alain Cazes)
  • Upper Canada College (Tony Gomes)
  • Quebec Youth Wind Ensemble (Guy Cox)
  • University of Manitoba (Jacquie Dawson)
  • Arizona State University (Jason Caslor)
  • University of Saskatchewan (Darrin Oehlerking)
  • University of Toronto (Gillian MacKay)
  • Acadia Junior High (Darryl Ferguson)
  • Georges P. Vanier School (Adam Mailman)
  • Long & McQuade Music (Tricia Howe)
  • Saskatchewan Music Educators Association (Lee Adams)
  • Unionville High School (Jeff Wrigglesworth)
  • Agincourt Collegiate Institute (David Lum)
  • Memorial University (Paul De Cinque)