Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy your music?

Digital copies of every piece in my catalog are available here on this website. Printed copies are available through Murphy Music Press, and selected works can also be ordered through local print music retailers.

What is the best way to support you?

I'm interested in commissioning a new work. How does this work?

I am grateful to say that my commission schedule is currently fully-booked. After completing my current commissions, I will be taking a sabbatical! Therefore, commissions are closed until further notice. I will announce on this website, in my email newsletter, and on social media when I am accepting new commissions again (likely 2024).

Do you offer workshops for school groups?

Yes! I regularly work with middle school, high school, college/university, and community music ensembles/classes. Click here for an info sheet about how I approach virtual visits.

When contacting me to schedule a visit with your group, please include as much information as possible about what you have in mind. I am not able to accommodate every request, but I do my best to have meaningful interactions with all who reach out!

Am I allowed to create and share a video performance of your music?

Yes! I am happy to grant permission for individuals, schools, and community ensembles to create virtual recordings/performances of my music. Please credit me as the composer in any written details about the performance, and please share the file or link with me so I can watch and listen! 

For mechanical/synchronization rights to my music for larger scale or professional projects, please send an email to

Are there any consortium opportunities available?

Upcoming consortium opportunities will be announced here, in my email newsletter, and on social media.

Why is my order total different on my receipt vs my credit card statement?

This website lists prices in Canadian dollars (CAD). If you make a purchase from outside of Canada, your credit card statement may show the amount in your local currency. I am unable to offer receipts in currencies other than CAD. 

International customers may wish to place an order through Murphy Music Press, a worldwide distributor of Cait Nishimura Music.