The Journey Begins was commissioned by the Central Oklahoma Directors Association for the 2024 7th Grade Honour Band. The idea for this piece came to me on a nature walk while reflecting on the magical fact that the biggest trees grow from the tiniest seeds, and that those trees grow together to form an entire forest. I saw this as a metaphor for each of our musical journeys as individuals, and how we come together to form beautiful, supportive communities.

Whether you’re heading out on a trail, playing in your first honour band, starting a new job, relationship, instrument, or at a new school, the energy and wonder of the beginning of a journey is like nothing else. This piece captures the excitement, anticipation, enthusiasm, and even moments of hesitation that come with the start of a new adventure. With syncopated rhythms, long lyrical phrases, and melodic features throughout the ensemble, this piece provides musical challenges to empower everyone in the band.